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Drivetrain Qualities

The design qualities this new bicycle drivetrain brings to market have not been considered possible to do with todays technology, while still employing a bicycle chain 

Some key qualities are:

  • Slim, inherently aerodynamic, clean and lightweight.
  • Sequential shifting (with a bicycle chain this is consided sci-fiction).
  • The feel of a fixed gear with a continuously variable transmission (CVT)
  • Any cadence at any time for any road condition (CVT)
  • All internal parts are sealed from the environment including the chain.
  • The ability to drop down to any ratio from an unexpected quick stop, for a super easy gear ratio.
  • "hard liquid" For the first time hydraulics is used.
  • The disks are ready for you mechanical tattoo, to express who you are, and offering ease of identification in case of theft.