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to “Ride Gently in our Garden of Eden”

This radical design departure will make every bicycle ever made obsolete, and was accomplished by myself Dave Partridge.

I have no prior experience designing a bicycle, but then it's a bicycle not rocket science. Not expecting people to fork out big bucks for what can be considered an imaginary bicycle, (some guy named Leonardo invented the bicycle chain that was imaginary for about 500 yrs before it wasn't, I'm hopping my bicycle design won't take that long).

To gain confidence of the buying public, I designed and prototyped a new type of saddle that will set the standard for comfort, and will be first to market. This was quickly followed by a design upgrade to the steering that is so simple, that it is a "why didn't I think of that" type of upgrade.

I will be pre-selling the "Adjustable Comfort" bicycle saddle and have this on the market in 6 months. With the new type of saddle on the market all profits will be re-invested in the company, and the next to market will be the upgraded steering. By this time folks may have a better understanding of the design talent present.