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If you like bikes

If you like bikes

I have an imaginary bicycle for sale, and it’s not cheap. This bicycle has qualities that are not considered possible with known technology. Namely to control a bicycle chain in two dimensions, while permitting riders their preferred cadence for any road condition any time. This new bicycle transmission eliminates the derailleurs, cogs, and other associated parts. In their place a new type of bearing has been invented that is sandwiched between thin metal plates where a photo-cog contacts/meshes with the chain. Hydraulics permits this mechanical process to take place. Riders will now feel the tire/road interaction directly through the drivetrain just like a single speed bicycle but with an infinitely variable transmission.

With the elimination of the derailleur the chain has no slack, and you will feel the road as if you’re on a fixed speed bicycle, yet have the luxury of setting your own cadence, any time, any where. This one quality will transform every bicycle rider’s experience.

Competitive athletes will now be able use any cadence they want, for any road condition for the fasted ride. The rest of us now will have the luxury to choose the easiest pace for the ride ahead.

This new bicycle drivetrain will make every bicycle ever made obsolete. This innovated drivetrain with multiple utility inventions, and for the first time the use of “hardliquid” to provide fluid sequential shifting, will revolutionize and dominate the global bicycle marked.